4 Steps Involved in Publishing Your Poetry Online

In this digital age, the internet gives you some powerful platforms to share your creations with a global audience. So, if you’re a poet, you can also benefit from such avenues. Publishing your poetry online doesn’t just allow you to reach a wider readership. It also offers you opportunities for getting feedback, collaborating, and networking with fellow poets. Here, we’ll try to understand the steps involved in publishing your poetry online:

1. Researching online literary magazines and journals

There are many online literary magazines and journals that showcase a range of excellent works of literature. These works include the ones of emerging as well as established poets. You must spend some time researching such journals and magazines.

This will help you identify the ones that align with your poetic themes and styles. Next, go through their submission guidelines, publishing schedules, and the specific themes for submissions that they might have.

2. Creating your portfolio

It’s extremely necessary to have your digital presence before you delve into the world of online publishing. You can get started by creating an online portfolio or a website that showcases your poetry. It will serve as a hub for discovering your works and help readers engage with you and your poems. Today, it has become a lot easier to create a website using popular website builders like WordPress and Wix.

3. Drafting a compelling cover letter

When you submit your poetry to online publications, a well-drafted cover letter can make a big difference. However, you must keep it concise. It must highlight your passion for poetry, your writing experience, and any awards that you might’ve received.

Don’t forget to mention your poems that have been published, if there are any. Each of your cover letter must be tailored to suit the publication you’re submitting your work to. This goes a long way in showing that you’ve done your research. It also shows that you genuinely appreciate their work.

4. Submitting your poetry

Once you’ve chosen the best online publications, follow their submission guidelines to submit your poetry. They might have some specific guidelines with regards to formatting, word count, and formats for submissions. The poetry that you submit on such online publications must be in accordance with their guidelines.

You must also pay attention to details, such as line spacing, font size, and file format. Make sure that you’re submitting your work through the specified channels. Some publications might want you to submit through their online submission forms. Others would prefer receiving submissions via email.

Consider self-publishing your works

Submitting your poetry to established online magazines and journals might not yield the desired results for you at times. This is when you must consider self-publishing your poetry. In recent times, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to online self-publishing platforms. The most popular among them is, of course, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

It allows you to self publish your works and share them with a wider audience. You can create an e-book version of your collection of poems and design an attention-grabbing cover. While self-publishing on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, you can also set a reasonable price for your work. By doing this, you’ll get more readers to purchase and download your collection of poems.

4 Steps Involved in Publishing Your Poetry Online

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