5 Amazing Free Sites for Publishing Your Poetry Online

Today, there are many free websites that help you publish your poetry without any hassles. Publishing on these sites has now become a lot easier than relying on a traditional publisher. Those who’ve went through the lengthy submission processes of traditional publishers know how painful they can be. The worst part is getting rejected in the end.

With the free publishing sites, you can be assured of getting your collection of poems published. Besides, most of these websites have made the process much more simple for the poets. Registering on many of such sites is easy and you can submit your work in no time. Here are some of the free sites where you can publish your poetry:

1. Wattpad

One of the most popular websites on the internet for online publishing, Wattpad has a section dedicated to poetry. This makes the site a logical choice for publishing your collection of poems. Another good reason for you to consider this website for publishing your poetry is that it has a younger readership. You’ll get a significant number of followers if you’re able to impress the young readers with your skills in poetry.

2. Medium

Over the years, Medium has emerged as a popular platform for many writers to publish their articles. However, not many individuals know that it has become a go-to platform for poets as well. This website now has a special tag called ‘Poetry On Medium’. Of course, you’ll need to adhere to their publishing guidelines. One of them is that you’ll need to add a captivating image to the poem you intend to publish.

3. My Poetic Side

This website is pretty much like a poets’ social network. As an additional benefit for the poets, it allows them to create a free e-book. So, if you’re looking for a great online space for publishing your poems and making new friends, My Poetic Side is a good choice.

It’s a very active website, which attracts thousands of users every month. The site also has a fabulous blog section, where you’ll find some valuable information about poetry and poets.

4. Inkitt

With seven million active users, Inkitt can be an excellent choice for you to find lots of readers. It places no restrictions on the authors or poets, but you’ll need to publish a collection rather than a single poem. The website also hosts regular writing contests, which you can participate in.

So, if you’ve been looking for a good alternative to Wattpad, this would be a perfect one. Besides, it’s also similar to Wattpad in many ways. For instance, it helps you find new readers and get some valuable feedback from them.

5. Commaful

What impresses you the most about this website is its user-friendliness. It makes navigating through the site very easy with its overall layout. You’ll need to add an image for every poem that you submit on Commaful. You can get plenty of choices in free images on the internet in recent times. Even free image editors are available for you to edit your chosen image and add some extra effects to it.

5 Amazing Free Sites for Publishing Your Poetry Online

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